Crafting Rule No-code Designer

A Tool to help Game Designers who don't want to be stuck writing more smart contracts to easily collaborate on creating Crafting Rules quickly.

Select Input Contracts

From the Select Input Contracts step, select the address of the input contract:

Input Contracts must use the Library ICraftableIn in order to capture the schema of the tokens properties. For more details, please visit the ICraftableIn Library page.

Select Output Contracts

From the Select Output Contracts step, select the address of the output contract:

Create Mapping Rule

Create the Crafting Rule by selecting the list of Input Contracts and that of Output Contracts. In order to create output properties according to the properties of the input, use the Mapping Rule buttons:

For convenient viewing, you can collapse and expand the code preview shown on the right hand-side of the screen.

Preview your Solidity code

In the Create Rule Step, the right-hand side of the screen will provide you with a preview of the solidity code that will be deployed to the blockchain.

Review and Deploy

In the Review and Deploy step, click submit. A loader will appear as the contracts are deployed. Once complete, you will receive a confirmation notification.

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