Create a resource

An installed SDK is required for the implementation of the following tutorial. To learn more about installing the Craftware SDK, please visit the page SDKs.

In this guide, we will show you how to create a resource to your game. First, expand the Assets menu, and select the Resources page.

Then, on the top right corner above the list of resources, click on 'Add Resource' to configure your new resource.

You will enter:

  • Resource name: it can be used to easily search and select the resource in other functions, but also to be displayed in your game.

  • Image: Select an image file from your device, it can be used to be displayed in your game.

  • Regen rate: (optional) The base amount of units of resource that can be regenerated per minute.

  • Starting balance: (optional) the amount of resources that the player starts with.

  • Cap: (optional) The maximum amount of resources that the player is allowed to carry in his inventory.

  • Properties: (optional) A list of properties where each has an admin-defined key and a corresponding value.

You can learn more about properties in the Properties page.

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