Getting Started

Step-by-step guide for the overall approach to implementing Craftware with links to relevant pages in each step.

Intended Audience: Both product managers and developers will benefit from this step-by-step guide. Product managers will have visibility on the possibilties provided by Craftware, as well as who to engage from within their team, and developers will find a convenient summary of references needed to get their job done.

Start simplifying the development of your game's item crafting by visiting the sign up page and clicking on the Sin Up button in the top right corner. You will be able to enter information that will allow us to customize your experience, such as the development platforms used, and this is where you will agree to our terms and privacy policy.

From the top left corner of your console's interface, select the drop-down menu and click Add Game.

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A new instance of Craftware dedicated to your new game will spawn and will initialize within 5 minutes. A tag will appear on the drop-down menu displaying the status of your new game's initialization.

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Download and Setup the SDK that corresponds to your development environment. We are constantly adding more compatibilities over time.

These guides make it easy for you to pick up your SDK and get started:

Now that you have added the Craftware SDK to your environment, you will be able to utilize the crafting logic available to you on the console.

Find your API Keys under the API Keys tab of your Account Settings, and add them to the SDK configuration here.

For more details on the Account Settings, please visit this Account Settings page.

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Now, you can get to the fun part and start building the assets and Crafting Recipes for your game.

You can find details on how to add Assets and Crafting Rules:

Now that you have your in-game assets set, you can start chaining Crafting Rules:

You are now all ready and set up to jump to inter-operability with other games using the Craftware blockchain-based solutions:

Important concepts you want to keep in mind are:

The Crafting Protocol requires its input tokens to use Craftware's ICraftableIn library. For more details, please visit the ICraftableIn Library page.

The export funcionality of the Port Protocol is compatible with Craftware's ICraftableIn library. For more details, please visit the ICraftableIn Library page.

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